Welcome to Fabian Creations Paverpol Artwork in Regina and area

Creating with Paverpol

It began when...

One day my sister-in-law, asked me if I would like to take a class to make a ‘Garden Statue’.  A 'T-shirt to statue' project (no experience necessary). Not seeing myself as a particularly creative person, I was skeptical, but intrigued.  We signed up for the class.

Then added a little encouraged imagination

After creating the garden statues. 

I was hooked

Over the next year I took the beginner, intermediate and teaching classes and completed a few projects on my own.

We are born to create

I believe that each of us are born to create. Some have natural abilities and for some of us it takes trying different opportunities until we find something that speaks to our individual creativity.  Paverpol is mine.  The only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

Regina, Pilot Butte, Ft Qu'Appelle Area Classes